Tag: Cragmaw Goblins


  • Cragmaw's Cave

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    The goblin cave we found Sildar in. * [[:npc | Klarg]] * [[:zubzub | Zubzub]]

  • Cragmaw Castle

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    Homebase of the Cragmaw Goblins, somewhere in Neverwinter Woods

  • Zubzub

    Charmed goblin that helped out tremendously in the taking of Cragmaw Hideout Killer of the the traitor Peren. [[Adventuring Notes (Thandir) | Thandir Notes]]: Zubzub loves shiny's! Though charmed Peren gave the goblin some gold for his help. I wonder, …

  • Klarg

    Bully and Leader of the Cragmaw Hideout. Managed to escape when the heroes raided the hideout. Currently : Unknown [[Adventuring Notes (Thandir) | Thandir Notes]]: KO'ed me with one hit. Though escaped I am itching for payback. We will meet again.