Across Faerün

Chapter 1 : The beginning

First-day, 21st of Ches, 1489 DR

After getting to know each other, our band of adventures are hired by Gundren Rockseeker, who seem to have made a big discovery.
The job itself was simple enough, Guard and transport a cart full of prospecting gear and provisions to Phandalin. 10GP a head for a couple of days work.

A short distance from Neverwinter Peren handled what potentially might be a threat, or maybe not, with extreme measures, but the road to Phandalin was mostly uneventfull till our band came to Triboar trail near Phandalin.

Here they dismantled a sloppy setup ambush by some goblins swiftly and found some clues that something might have happend to their patron. Dutifull they dhastend the delivery of their precious cargo to Phandalin and prepared themself to go back for further investigation.

They found a not so abandoned cave system, the Cragmaw goblin were using as hideout. With unexpected help from a magicly presuaded goblin, named Zubzub, they cleared out the hideout, but the leader Klarg managed to escape . During all this they found a prisoner named Sildar Hallwinter, a companion of Gundren. Zubzub was send peacefull on his way for all the help he provided.

And now we find us back on Triboar Trail near Phandalin while the sun is slowly setting on the horizon.


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