Across Faerün

Chapter 3 : Show down at Phandalin Square

Sixth-day, 26th of Ches, 1489 DR

With a frantic escape from Tresandor Manor our rag tag band find them self back in Phandalin. A storm is brewing, rain is starting to drop, lightnig in the distance. They decide to go straight to the Townmaster’s Hall in hope of finding allies in Sildar Hallwinter.

They found Sildar present in a discussion with Halia Thornton. At this time Iarno “Glasstaf” Albrek with several Redbrand Ruffian and a couple of hostages. Glasstaf lets out a shout and Sildar together with the adventures go out to front them.

While all this was happening Zubzub, who was capture and brought to the Redbrands hideout after the ordeal in Cragmaw’s Cave had overheard guards talking about Peren’s real motive, managed to escape in the turmoil and hurried himself to Phandalin were he knew Peren would be.

At this point, Peren, a trusted member of our throw together troupe outs himself as a double agent working together with glasstaf. This triggers a vision for Thandir that notices a white cat strangely sitting uninterested at the edge of the encounter with a shadow behind it.

Peren opens his tomb and starts to recite a spell and seeing this zubzub leaps out of the shadows and attacks Peren. Interupted during his ritual, it starts to go wild, whatever he was trying to come into this world isn’t pleased and takes retribution at several redbrands and Peren.

While all this was happening, Skaros, a wandering thiefling warlock, caught in the storm, wanders into Phandalin looking for cover.

What happens next is a massive battle on the Phandalin townsquare, with the townsfolk rallying in to help the adventures and eventually force Glasstaf and the Redbrands to surrender.

In the festivities afterwards, thanks was given to our Hero’s with the title, Defenders of Phandalin and Tresendor Manor. This made them a defending force for Phandalin what comes with several perks and responsibilities.

The following day starts bright as after some sleeping in. Our band still on the search for clues to the exact location of Cragmaw Castle, decide it’s time the investigate the orc movements to the east.


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