Across Faerün

Chapter 2 : Phandalin

Fifth-day, 25th of Ches, 1489 DR

Our band of adventurers camped for the night and set off to Phandalin early in the morning. After arriving Sildar set off to find himself lodgings and see the headmaster, while our crew delivered goods they recovered in Cragmaw hideout back to the Lionshield Coster where they negotiated a pretty decent deal.

From gossip from several locals they’ve learned of the Redbrands that were harassing local businesses and found several leads to what could be profitable endeavours.

After meeting back up with Sildar, they witnessed Sildar in name of The Lord’s Alliance take control of Phandalin. When they exited the building they met with a band of Redbrand Ruffians and this resulted in a scuffle on the town square that ended with extreme violence.

Driven by this encounter, they headed to the Tresandor Manor , the hideout of the Redbrands. With some lucky (or unlucky) charming, they managed to dodge all patrols and arrive at the big honcho’s room, but he knew they were coming and had some security measurements in place.

The adventures escaped the manor thru a hidden passage while the hideout was rushing in to eliminate the threat.


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